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Making Photographs with the iPhone

Do Moment Attachable Lenses Make a Difference?

One might imagine as an ad avid photographer, you would never consider using an iPhone for photography.

But when I came across Moment Lenses, it changed my mind, completely.

I spend a great deal of time studying YouTube photographers, camera reviews, and just about anything photography-related. But I rarely if ever gave much attention to mobile phones and photography. You might agree that most serious photographers just don’t consider smartphones as capable photographic devices. I was of the same opinion until I came across this YouTube video from Moment’s channel.

There was a moment of enlightenment (pun intended!)

For my daily activities and of course work, I don’t have the luxury of having a camera on my person to capture scenes that strike me at a given time. I began to consider getting lenses for my iPhone that would be convenient and unobtrusive to have at my disposal.

Moment of Choice

After some careful consideration of several of the smartphone lens options available, I settled on purchasing Moment lenses for one primary reason. They seem to have a cult-like presence in how the product is marketed but even more, they educate you on how to actually use the lenses in real-life scenarios! This is way too cool.

So, let me get into some details about my experience with using Moment lenses so far.

Impressive Glass

I hadn’t seen these lenses in person prior to making my purchase so I was not certain what to expect when they arrived. They arrived in a very timely manner which was impressive.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I devoured the package to get at my beloved lenses! I was shocked and very pleased with what I discovered in my blind purchase. The lenses were nothing short of immaculate and well-crafted mini lenses.

The very first thing I noticed was the weight of these little jewels, solid, beautifully machined, and large pieces of high-quality glass.

These lenses are serious glass.

Minimalist Case

58mm Moment third-party Lens iPhone Mounted to Moment Case iPhone
The case I selected is black with minimal design elements and is very sturdy to my liking.

Moment offers a wide variety of cases to choose from. Colors and styles are represented well with third-party options available. For me, a minimalistic approach is always best; black with no accent colors. The case fits snugly and even adds to the appearance of my iPhone XR.

Initially, my concern centered on where the lenses attached to the case. I questioned strength and integrity as well as longevity. (Having owned and used the case and lenses for over three months I’m happy to report that the mounting is very secure and seems to be built to last, at least until you upgrade your phone.)

Using the 18mm Wide-Angle Lens – Not So Much

18mm Moment third-party Lens iPhone
The 18mm provides a wide perspective but surprisingly the native iPhone XR lens is wider. Still, this provides a nice focal length.

Landscapes, architecture, and certain styles of street photography are captured quite well with the 18 mm wide lens. It is a little tighter than my standard naked iPhone XR lens which I find works very well for my taste. I enjoy using it. However, it’s not my favorite focal length.

Using the 58mm Telephoto Lens – My Favorite of the Three

58mm Moment Moment third-party Lens iPhone

This is by far my favorite lens and the one that is my first choice to mount on my iPhone. The focal length is ideal for how I like to capture my scenes.

The results that I get from this lens are beautiful, sharp, and satisfying. The 58 mm focal length appears natural and balances things out. Portraitures work beautifully with the focal length I’ve discovered too.

This lens covers most of my needs when capturing photos with my smartphone.

Anamorphic Cinema Lens – Not Just for Video Anymore

1.33x Anamorphic Moment third-party Lens iPhone

Its very name should be obvious that this is intended for video use. I mean what else would an anamorphic lens be used for? Well, perhaps photography!

My intention with this lens was for capturing video. But I’m in no way a videographer.

I started to experiment with it and found some interesting results.

Landscapes and architecture seem to work well using this lens.

This lens is known for a ”blue streak” that is cast across the entire frame. It is a signature feature for cinematography and is sought out. However, this does not bode well for photographs at all. So pay attention to where the sun is in your frame before taking that awesome shot.

Samples of images captured with Moment lenses

UPDATE: I have recently acquired the iPhone 12 Pro Max and will be exploring these lenses further for a future update.


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