The Re-Opening of a Legend

It has been years since I had last set foot in Six Flags Magic Mountain. I think my sons were pre-teens and the oldest is now 28!

Time passes very quickly when you have kids.

Finally, the COVID-19 restrictions have softened enough to permit limited admittance to this amusement park with others soon to follow.

Six Flags Magic Mountain re-opening during COVID-19 – Waterfall where you can make a wish and toss a coin.

The magic in this mountain and the name of which it bears has never been clear to me. Perhaps it’s the notion of all the fun and child-like joy including adults will experience when there. I could feel it, the nostalgia of days past; a state of mind that is forever young.

I digress…

With the knowledge of a reduced crowd of perhaps ⅓ capacity, the thought entered my mind that my son and I would be able to get on every ride in the park if we so desired.

This was furthest from the truth!

With a scheduled entrance at high noon and the park closing at 6:oo pm, our child-like esteem quickly faded into disappointment.

It was hard to accept the fact that we will have ridden a total of two rides the entire time at the amusement park. This is for approximately six hours standing in line, walking to the rides only to discover several were down due to technical issues.

Oh well, such is life.

Things never change

To my surprise not much has changed about the amusement park. Sure there were some new rides introduced in the many years since I last visited. The overall look and feel of Magic Mountain were the same as I recalled even from my youth going back to junior high school (now known as middle school).

Seemingly a virtual time warp.

I decided to take some photos while waiting in line to pass the time. Using just the native camera on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, I captured some “industrial” themed shots I found interesting. Bringing my Moment lenses would have been a bit cumbersome.

Six Flags Magic Mountain COVID-19 – air conditioner unit
Six Flags Magic Mountain COVID-19 – corner edge of roof looking towards sky with clouds.
Six Flags Magic Mountain COVID-19 – Light sconce in staircase.

However, the two rides we got on were new to me, exhilarating, and well worth the long wait in line.

I suppose that we will make another attempt to visit the Magic of this Mountain in the near future and this time I won’t wait so long to do so.


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