Arnold Watson Photography


As a photographer, I do most of my work in Southern California while living in the Los Angeles area.

I don’t specialize in any particular genre of photography. For me, I find that having a broad appreciation for the beauty of life too appealing to relegate to a narrow scope of view. Nature (landscapes, wildlife, plants, and flowers), architecture, and street photography are most rewarding for me.

I first discovered my passion for photography when my first son was born. Anticipating his arrival, I purchased a Minolta 3xi with a kit lens. I was 24 years old and my only regret was that I never took it much further than a hobby over the years.

But it is never to late to realize your dreams.


Me driving a 911 Carrera S Convertible for my birthday!


As an artist, I do all of my own image editing using Adobe Lightroom. The goal is to treat the photos with the least amount of processing to preserve the natural scene while providing some visual interest. On occasion, there will be times where taking a particular scene

and greatly enhancing it would make the most of an amazing capture.
There are many things that bring me joy. Photography is but one. I like to ride my road bike, sing in the shower, read, parenting, and meditate.


Enjoying life one photograph at a time.


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