About Arnold Watson

I don’t specialize in any particular genre of photography. For me, I find that having a broad appreciation for the beauty of life too appealing. Nature, landscapes, architecture, and street photography–are particularly rewarding for me.

Born in New Jersey, raised in Los Angeles, and forever consumed with answering the question: What is the meaning of life?

Taking pictures has been a part of my life since the birth of my oldest son in 1993. It has been only as recently as 2012 that I decided to take a more professional approach to my passion for photography.

So far I have developed a taste for many genres in the art of photography but seem to have a specific passion for fine art.
Although I have chosen to pursue my passion as a photographer, I have an extensive background in the building industry, as a fenestration consultant. It may seem unrelated, but I gained so much insight into the details, passion, and artistry that goes into designing and building a home. Interior designers and architects are so meticulous concerning the details.
My work is an extension of this experience, so every opportunity to go out and shoot is a possibility to learn and further develop my craft–discovering more about myself, the art of photography, and the world around me.

I shoot primarily digital–DSLR and an iPhone–but I have a growing desire to get back into analog using black and white film. Speaking of which, my portfolios showcase much of my work in B&W; I find black & white photography is classic and has a timeless presence.

I strive to capture not only a moment but also the essence of life. With this in mind, I may just find the answer to my aforementioned quest.

– Arnold Watson


Other Interests

I Love Cycling / I Love Philosophy / I Love Stoicism / I Love Animals / I Love Sunrises / I Love Sunsets / I Love Clouds / I Love Fast Cars

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